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At Kids 360° Early Learning Academy, we know that each child has their own mind and unique heart, ready to be nourished and nurtured. We also understand that children will learn differently, and our teachers have the experience and freedom to ensure that happens.

Our Teaching Inside Out approach starts with the recognition of the individual needs of each child and then the accommodation of the instruction to the group as a whole. We start with the heart (the individuality) and ending with the mind (the learning center).

personalized approach.

What Teaching Inside Out initially looks like in a preschool classroom is an emphasis on relationship building.

Teachers focus on getting to know each child individually: what inspires and motivates them, their special interests and curiosities, and how they like to engage and learn new information! In learning and respecting each unique learner, we start with a strong foundation between teacher and child and get to be a true partner in your child’s growth and development.

individual time.

Kids thrive during 1:1 time with a teacher! We build in opportunities to interact 1:1 with each child and facilitate meaningful small group time.

Our passionate and caring educators strive to make each child feel like the important
member of the class that they are. We personalize learning and help kids feel special!

Individual time with teachers ensures that all children’s needs are being met through
differentiated instruction. Through our parent/teacher check-ins and portfolio assessments, Kids 360° teachers document each child’s individual learning journey with photographs, artwork, writing samples, and work samples. Portfolios are also treasured keepsakes for parents to save!

the mind-body connection.

Kids 360° teachers focus on developing healthy mindsets and exploring ways to calm our bodies and minds through relaxation, yoga moves, and breath work.

We will learn about our mind-body connection and how the things we do (what we eat, if we’ve had enough rest, or if our bodies have had enough movement) can impact how our mind feels.

Our Teaching Inside Out approach also recognizes that young children’s minds are growing and developing along with their ability to regulate emotions and feelings. Helping children to recognize and process their emotions is a part of the learning process and early childhood is an ideal time to give children the tools and skills for a lifetime of healthy practices.

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