our why

Our Concern Academic expectations are higher, while children’s bodies (and brains) are LESS prepared to handle the demands.

Our Solution A kinesthetic classroom that not only primes the brain for learning, but leaves students confident, fit, prepared, and thriving.

Today’s world has left a crucial gap in children’s development. Showing up differently in every child, we now know that movement in the form of both exercise and intentional vestibular activation is critical to cognition, focus, visual and auditory processing, and emotional regulation. Our facility is the perfect mecca for children to get what they have been missing for decades. We know we can make a difference, so we have to.

our how

Intentional Movement Every day we move in THREE ways:

360° degree movement

Total body movement against gravity, being upside down, and going through space builds balance in the body and brain, strengthening the brain’s processing centers.

move to exercise

Exercise improves the brain’s potential to log in and absorb new information, as well as create new neural pathways by making BDNF (Miracle Grow for the brain). Core strength and coordination are the icing on the cake!

Girl Examining Plants

move to integrate

Taking in information in a FUN way via physicality, auditory, and visual stimulus prepares their bodies and minds in a BIG way for BIG Kindergarten. Learning extends into the classroom and back.

Strategic Environment
Providing comfortability for the whole child in our classroom

feels like home

Our classrooms feel like a familiar extension of home. From the cozy sitting area in our Library Center, to the fireplace decorated with pictures of students’ families.

nutritious foods

What we eat affects brain functioning and energy levels, so our kid-friendly meals are chosen with quality, nutritious ingredients to ensure kids’ minds are fueled properly.

Girl Examining Plants

comfy clothes

Uniforms are chosen with kids’ comfort and daily activities in mind. Whether that be swinging from the bar or exploring outdoors, we want kids to be comfortable all day.

outdoor play

Fresh air, sunshine, and free play in nature are important pieces of our well-rounded day. Rain or shine, outside time is a must!

Teaching Inside Out
Teaching from the heart to the mind

personalized approach

We believe each child has their own mind and unique heart, ready to be nurtured and nourished. Through our Inside Out approach, teachers learn what each child needs and helps them shine.


Teachers focus on developing healthy mindsets and emotional regulation techniques. We explore ways to calm our bodies and minds through relaxation, yoga moves, and breath work.

individual time

Kids thrive during 1:1 time with a teacher. We build in opportunities for individual and small group time to personalize learning and help kids feel special!

flex your brain!

Did you know every detail of our curriculum is carefully curated based on its foundation in scientific research? Learn more about the science behind the movement in our Scientific Articles.

A first-of-its-kind preschool for kids ages 3-5, offering an expansive, state-of-the-art learning environment designed to facilitate optimal learning for the whole child.

flex your brain

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