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What is a center-based classroom? In the simplest terms, it’s a classroom with defined learning centers to engage children and their interests. In our center-based classrooms, teachers facilitate rather than dictate children’s learning. Kids are engaged in hands-on activities as they explore and experiment throughout the learning centers. This helps early learners become more self-aware as they practice time management, self-regulation, and discovery of their interests.

    art center

    Every child is an artist! Preschoolers will create process art using a variety of mediums at their disposal everyday.

    math center

    Math concepts are demonstrated as preschoolers use a variety of manipulatives to sort, count and measure.

    Girl Examining Plants

    science center

    Preschoolers use their critical thinking skills to discover new concepts related to our themes. STEM activities are available here for creative minds to practice their problem-solving skills.

    Movement Based Learning

    writing center

    Using creative writing materials and surfaces, fine motor skills and letter recognition are strengthened here with peers.

    blocks center

    Our little architects are using abstract thinking and problem solving as they build with a variety of block sizes. Road signs, vehicles, and other materials are available to enhance their creations.

    library center

    Concepts of print are learned as children are given theme-related books to explore in our cozy sitting area together. Listening stories are also available to choose from.

    Girl Examining Plants

    dramatic play center

    Dramatic, or “pretend play” supports social-emotional, language and cognitive development by providing opportunities for children to practice important practical life skills with peers.

    yoga/tumbling center

    Need a brain-break or a stretch? Our yoga area is complete with kid-sized yoga mats and a variety of fun poses for them to practice! Balance boards and other movement activities are available here as well.

    A center-based classroom provides a social environment that strengthens children’s social skills as they play together, cooperate, and take turns. Through the careful oversight of our highly skilled teachers, children in this environment take more risks as they have the freedom to make mistakes and discover new skills. When you peek into a Kids 360° classroom, this may look like some children enjoying the freedom to make choices while others are working in small groups during teacher-instructed activities.

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