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Kids 360° Early Learning Academy focuses on the whole child, using a well-rounded learning approach to reach a variety of learners. Backed by science, our progressive movement-based preschool curriculum primes the brain for learning, improves sensory/motor integration, and helps kids build healthy life skills.

Each component of our preschool program involves active learning and hands-on activities in an environment where children can explore freely and move throughout their entire day. While many learning activities will take place in our cutting edge gym, others will take place in our spacious, center-based classrooms.

The Whole Child Graphic

sensory motor integration

Trained teachers use targeted movements to strengthen the vestibular system and all 8 senses (yes, 8!) in order to improve sensory motor integration.

multi-sensory handwriting

Students focus on pre-writing, alphabet knowledge, letter and number recognition, letter formation, counting, drawing, shapes, and colors – all while having fun!

Girl Examining Plants

practical life skills

Teachers guide students in purposeful daily activities that develop motor skills, concentration, emotional regulation, and caring for oneself and the environment.

steam activities

STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, & math) are part of our learning centers. Preschoolers are naturally curious and learn best by hands-on exploration, so these activities are a perfect way to allow them to use their brains to problem-solve.


A healthy and nutritious lunch and snacks will be specially prepared for your child. Our kid-friendly, organic, and fresh lunches encourage kids to try new foods they may not try at home!

portfolio assessments

Portolio assessments will be used to document each child’s unique learning journey. Parents and teachers will connect regularly to ensure preschoolers are “flexing their brains” and becoming the best learners they can be!

curriculum components

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flex your brain!

Did you know every detail of our curriculum is carefully curated based on its foundation in scientific research? Learn more about the science behind the movement in our Scientific Articles.

A first-of-its-kind preschool for kids ages 3-5, offering an expansive, state-of-the-art learning environment designed to facilitate optimal learning for the whole child.

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