kids are made to move

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Anyone who spends time around young children knows this to be true. Moving and exploring is how kids learn about the world around them and how their bodies grow stronger. 

At Kids 360°, we know that movement doesn’t just build stronger muscles, it builds stronger brains! Intentional, physical movements build neural connections in the brain and engage all of the senses to improve sensory motor integration. 

Kids who move their bodies in many ways – against gravity, upside down, and through space – build balance in the body and brain, strengthening the processing centers of the brain and actually helps kids learn new concepts. It’s science! In this great supporting article, we learn that “it is a child’s activity level and active playtime that determines his or her ultimate brain development and the extent of adult capabilities.”

When we envisioned our ideal preschool, we knew that intentional movement would be a core pillar to truly give kids what they need at this time in their development. We are setting the most vital foundation and giving children the greatest opportunity for lifelong learning. 

Intentionality is key and not just any movement will do. While we encourage many opportunities for movement throughout the day (we just hit one million steps as a classroom!), the type of movements we facilitate matters. 

We hope you’ll take a look at our new video on intentional movement. If you do, you’ll hear Mr. Matt explain what we mean by different types of movements. He says, “getting kids upside down, jumping them up and down on the trampoline, spinning them around is changing the plane in which they are to challenge their body and their balance to get them to move forward.”

On any given day, the Kids 360° curriculum includes strategically placed opportunities for learning and engaging multiple senses to constantly support brain development throughout the preschool day. 

We can’t think of anything more important. 

Check out our new video on the intentional movement at Kids 360°!

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Did you know every detail of our curriculum is carefully curated based on its foundation in scientific research? Learn more about the science behind the movement in our Scientific Articles.