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Classrooms that feel like home.

We know that your child’s first preschool experience can be a little intimidating. That’s why our classrooms are designed to feel like an extension of the home. Each day, children are greeted by an experienced and caring teacher and welcomed into our 1,000 sq ft classroom designed with young learners in mind.

From the Practical Life Skills area found in our pretend kitchen, to the fireplace full of pictures of our students’ families, each learning center encourages playing to learn and is at just the right height for children ages three to five. Ample natural light, calm tones, and natural play materials that encourage imagination were selected to help children feel welcomed in their special learning space.

comfortable clothing.

Kids love to be cozy and that includes comfortable clothing and fabrics. In addition to
comfort, our uniforms were chosen to ensure the best apparel for what our day calls
for…which is quite a lot of movement and fun! Whether that be swinging from the bars or using our active listening, we don’t want our students to be distracted or limited by uncomfortable clothing.

nutritious food.

At Kids 360°, we consider the food we eat to be part of our learning environment. We call nutritious foods our “brain food”! What we eat affects our brain functioning and energy levels, so each day includes lunch and snacks with plenty of brain foods. Our nut-free and kid-friendly meals are chosen with quality, nutritious ingredients to fuel students’ minds properly for their day!

nature time.

Our classroom environment extends to our 35,000 sq ft gym and beyond to the outdoors! Fresh air, sunshine, wind, the sound of insects in the trees, and playing in the grass are all important pieces of our well-rounded day. Classrooms have direct access to an outdoor play area and teachers have the flexibility to incorporate nature into learning activities in addition to daily outdoor playtime. Rain or shine, outside time is a must!

energetic teachers.

Kids 360° teachers are passionate about moving throughout the day and are trained to utilize our kinesthetic classrooms to ensure optimal learning for students. We set our class times not only for the attention span of our students, but also the attitude of our teachers! Teachers are able to give their very best 4 hours to your children each and every day they come. We hope the kids can keep up!

strategic classroom environment backed by science.

Want to learn more about the inspiration and science behind our strategically designed classrooms? Click on the links below to find some of our favorite books:

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come see a classroom for yourself!

Book a tour to see, touch, play, move, and explore in our classrooms! We know that you and your child will feel right at home.

flex your brain!

Did you know every detail of our curriculum is carefully curated based on its foundation in scientific research? Learn more about the science behind the movement in our Scientific Articles.