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A beautiful thing about starting a new preschool is the chance to design every inch of the classroom in a way that is best for kids. 

As educators, there is something so exciting about creating an environment that we know, from years of teaching, will help facilitate optimal learning and that the kids will love. 

For the Kids 360° classroom, we knew we wanted a big, open space with plenty of room for movement. While we have the added benefit of accessing the entire Wright’s 360° gym and the outdoors, we also know that part of creating an environment that feels like home for kiddos is ample room to explore, play, and learn. 

While the standard recommendation for classroom size is 35 square feet per child, we knew kids deserve and need more room. 

According to research and this article, “there is a large body of research that shows that the amount of classroom space per child is the single most important environmental factor affecting the quality of child care programs and the welfare of children and staff.” 

So, we spent a lot of time thinking about the classroom design itself – the large space, direct sunlight, natural colors, and access to the outdoors.

And, we thought about the defined spaces that we would create within the room for learning centers, spaces that encourage movement, and places to do the many magical things that happen each day in a preschool classroom.

It. Was. Fun! 

And very, very intentional. 

I am so proud of the classroom where our kiddos get to flex their brains each day. Check out our new video (above) that highlights our amazing space. 

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Experience the Kids 360° classroom for yourself by scheduling a tour with our Director, Mr. Matt! 

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