debuting kids 360° early learning academy

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After planning, researching, and building the preschool of our dreams, we are excited to share, “Kids 360° is here!” And, Kids 360° Early Learning Academy is different. We believe that kids’ bodies aren’t supposed to sit still, so we created a preschool environment designed to foster movement and learning – at the same time.

a new academic preschool that encourages movement and learning 

Backed by science, our progressive movement-based curriculum primes the brain for learning, improves sensory/motor integration, and helps build healthy life skills for children aged 3-5. 

Our brand new classrooms are designed with the whole child in mind. Each component of our preschool program involves active learning and hands-on activities in an environment where children can explore freely and move throughout their entire day. 

Parents can expect an exceptional preschool experience:

  • Kid-friendly organic and nutritious food served daily
  • State-of-the-art facilities designed for optimal learning 
  • Small group instruction with educated, experienced teachers
  • Daily use of fitness trackers to see your child’s activity
  • Outdoor free play each and every day

state-of-the-art facility

Kids 360° Early Learning Academy is located at the brand NEW Wright’s 360° Movement Academy at Grand Park. 

Our 35,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art facilities are part of the classroom and designed for optimal learning. We will use trampolines, bars, beams, and more to strengthen kids’ muscles and brains. 

Parents and kids will love our expansive, center-based classrooms that feature defined learning centers to engage children in exploration, learning, and fun!

  • Art Center
  • Math Center
  • Science Center
  • Blocks Center
  • Writing Center
  • Library Center
  • Dramatic Play Center
  • Yoga/Tumbling Center

science-based preschool curriculum

Our team of lifelong preschool teachers noticed a problem in early childhood education. So, they created a solution – backed by science. 

Most children have underdeveloped sixth, seventh, and eighth senses leading to a decrease in attention span, spatial awareness, and the ability to manage emotions. That can make learning difficult. 

Here at Kids 360°, trained teachers incorporate targeted movements that strengthen all the senses during study, play, and movement time. This improves sensory motor integration which is vital for early learners because it is foundational to learning. 

kids 360° is a unique preschool

Kids 360° is a little different than your typical preschool. That’s why we love it. 

When I think about a traditional learning environment, I envision kids sitting at desks listening, kids raising their hand to answer a question to participate in discussion, and focusing on busywork. 

We know that a student’s brain is working really hard to listen, process, write and learn because the brain is not working at the highest capacity due to all the sitting. The heart is at a resting rate which means the blood is not getting nutrients to the brain fast enough. 

Our optimal learning environment at Kids 360° looks different. 

  • Students begin class with some sort of movement to get the heart rate up and the blood flowing…jumping jacks, skipping, stepping up and down on their chairs, turning around in circles, dancing around the class to some music. 
  • Instead of raising their hand to answer a question, students stand up to indicate to the teacher they know the answer or want to speak.
  • When called on, a child stands up to respond.
  • At some point during class, another movement break happens to get that blood flowing again.

As teachers, we want to give students the best opportunity to learn, grow, and shine through our unique approach to learning!

flex your brain at kids 360°

Kids 360° is passionate about taking a proactive approach to building life muscles and healthy habits. 

Our kids need and deserve a better preschool experience. We created it and can’t wait for your child to learn to flex their brain at Kids 360°!

flex your brain!

Did you know every detail of our curriculum is carefully curated based on its foundation in scientific research? Learn more about the science behind the movement in our Scientific Articles.